Plant List

Across our own manufacturing facilities, and those of our partners, we utilise the following plant list to create an amazing range of print products:


7x Apple Mac (iMac & Macbook Pro) for studio duties
1x Xerox Digital Proofing Devices
1x Fujifilm XMF Workflow PrePress System
1x I-Cut Layout and Pre-flight Software / Sorrus Imposition Software
1 x Apple Xserve server

Large Format

3x HP Scitex 11000
1x HP Latex 3100
1x Durst P10
1x HP DesignJet 800PS (42”)


4x Xerox iGen
2x HP Indigo 10000
4x HP Indigo 7500
1x Xerox WorkCentre


1x Scodix
1x Mitabook
1x Kongsberg XP24


2x Heidelberg Speedmaster
1 x Presstek 52ACDI