I need my printing sooner, can you help?
More than likely, yes we can! Give our team a call with your requirements, and we’ll do our best to meet your deadlines. The worst we can do is say no!

I need my printing tomorrow!
We offer a range of same day turnaround products, including business cards, notepads, flyers, letterheads, banners and much more. There is an additional cost for same day turnaround, and we do require your finalised and approved artwork by 9.45am to guarantee same day turnaround.

I need something that’s not on your website?
No problem, we love a challenge! Just get in touch with our friendly team on 01254 366884 and we’ll do our best to help. If it’s something we can’t do, we’ll usually know a company that can!

Can you send my order in unbranded packaging?
Whilst we don’t add any of our branding to our packaging materials, we unfortunately can’t remove the sender name from our shipping labels on a per-order basis, so it would show on the label as ‘Print Happy’. However, if you’re a local customer, no labels will be applied, so you’ll be welcome to collect your order in person.

If this is an issue for you and you’d like to order fully unbranded print from us, with our name removed from the labels, please contact Reece, our reseller specialist, who will be able to help.

I order a lot of printing, can I have a discount?
Our prices are designed to be extremely competitive, both locally and online, for the quality of print we produce, however if you order certain products in higher quantities, or have a high monthly / annual print spend, we may be able to offer you preferential rates.

As a guide, a regular print spend of £500 or more per month would usually warrant a discount.

I’d like to resell your printing to my customers, can I do this?
Yes! We have a reseller system setup for our many resellers to take advantage of our white-label deliveries, faster turnaround times and extremely well priced print offers. Just give Reece, our reseller specialist, a call on 01254 366884, and he’ll talk you through the process.

Can you send me a printed proof?
Unfortunately we cannot offer printed proofs. This is because a printed proof would be produced on a digital, non-production based machine, which would not be a true representation of the finished product, paper stock or colour reproduction, so can be misleading to customers.

If you require a proof, we can send you a low resolution PDF proof before going to print, however there is a small admin charge of £5.00 for this service.

Can you match a colour or use a spot colour?
To keep our prices low, we group similar jobs together to offer you the fastest turnaround and best value. This unfortunately means that our standard website products cannot use spot colours, nor can we match a specific colour.

However, if getting a colour match is important to you, we can undertake spot colour or colour match work, but at a higher cost, due to there being no economy of scale for us. If you’d like to discuss prices and options, just give our friendly team a call.

Do you conform to any colour standards?
We operate well within the tolerances of the ISO 12647-2 standard. We have quality control ‘colour champions’ who constantly measure and record any fluctuations with our presses, paper stocks and other environmental/technical factors that can affect colour consistency. This ensures that our presses are colour matched within the ISO standard.

In addition, all our presses use closed loop colour management systems. Rather than relying on densities alone, the spectrophotometer automatically reads the printed sheet and collects an array of quality control colorimetric parameters including: delta E, slurring/doubling, dot gain values, and trapping. Any fluctuations in these values are then automatically corrected throughout the print run maintaining colour accuracy.

If I bring you in a file, can you print it for me while I wait?
For certain products and quantities, yes we can, however you’d need to email us the artwork file, rather than bringing it in on a USB stick, to avoid any nasty viruses being spread on to our machines!

From our print showroom, we have on-site facilities to print in full colour:

A6 Flyers (Up to 400)
A5 Flyers (Up to 200)
A4 Flyers (Up to 100)
A3 Posters (Up to 50)
A2 Posters (Up to 5)
A1 Posters (Up to 5)
A0 Posters (Up to 3)
Canvas Prints (Singles Only – May take up to 3 hours)
Paper Banners (Any Size)
Keyrings (Up to 25)
Stickers (Fixed Sizes)

I’m not happy with my printing, what can I do?
Firstly, we’re really sorry you’re not happy with the print you’ve received, and we want to put that right. The easiest way to get the ball rolling, is to drop us an email to team@print-happy.co.uk, with a photo of the print you’ve received. If it’s a problem thats affected most of the order, try and include as many of the damaged items in the photo as you can.

Once we’ve received your email, one of our team will be in touch to get to the bottom of what’s happened, and explain how we’re going to put it right.

Do you print everything in-house?
The short and honest answer is no. So we can offer a wider range of products at the most competitive pricing, we’re part of a printing co-operative, whereby we supply the products we print to other print companies, and they supply their products to us. This helps us to negotiate amazing value for our customers, so you don’t have to shop around for different print products.

Even though we don’t print everything in-house, all of our print products are covered by our own quality guarantee.